Content of the Cooperative Campus training programme

The content of Cooperative Campus programme is a general framework. With these studies and solid knowledge, you are ready for piloting your business plan and working as an entrepreneur in cooperative! All the participants have a possibility for implementation of cooperative activities. 

The form of the theoretical studies, practical activities and the implementation of cooperative real life experience may vary depending on country. The goal, however, being the same – nourishing and well-founded knowledge of social economy and cooperation and a real life cooperative experience!

The Cooperative Business Model

Dive into the key aspects of social economy: from broad vision through history, the values and principles that identify and differentiate all social economy entities and especially cooperation, to the main contribution to development of modern society. You will also learn about:

  • Here you learn more about:
  • Basics of social economy companies and the cooperative society
  • The connection to a sustainable development
  • The forming of a business model of the cooperation

Business Management

Here you get knowledge about the areas that a company needs to have to compete in the market, and you learn about:

  • Business enterprises: the basics, legal forms, purposes and registration
  • Cooperatives: different types, starting, structure and management
  • Basic budget and economy of enterprise

Business Plan

You will get guidance to develop business plans in groups or in pairs: especially activities that respond to social challenges at local level. You learn more about:

  • Creating the business idea for target markets and customers
  • Analysing business idea from different angles
  • Planning marketing, economics and supply chain

Business and entrepreneurial skills

Learn more about entrepreneurship, business management and marketing!
Here you learn about:

  • Entrepreneurship and business management
  • Marketing principles
  • Definition of your own projects clients, strategies and action plan

Making it real! Cooperative entrepreneurship experience and cooperative activity implementation.

Here we dig into the practical details and provide a set of complementary activities and practical experience that helps understand the reality of cooperative companies as well as that of their members. You will learn and get experience from:

  • Close cooperation and visits with the cooperatives in the region
  • Meet key people in cooperatives.
  • We create our own stories and share it: Storytelling
  • Piloting your business plan and working as an entrepreneur in cooperative

Please note that the content of the programme and requirements can differ between the countries.

Read the criteria for your country here: Spain, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden.