Participate in Cooperative Campus!

Wow and welcome to Cooperative Campus!

Cooperative Campus is your chance to try our entrepreneurship, together with others. Thank you for taking interest in this. So, what do we wish and require from you? What do you gain and how do you apply? Notice that requirements and application procedure might differ between countries.

Please see your relevant country’s page for all information on applying for you.





Some general guidelines

Perhaps some of these thoughts are intriguing to you. You:

  • are interested in entrepreneurship and see it as a potential career
  • are interested in being self-employed
  • are driven by democratic values
  • want to develop something together with others
  • think sustainability is important
  • wish to get the chance to test your business ideas in the real market
  • want to share your story about cooperative entrepreneurship based on your experience to others
  • want to get the chance of a transnational exchange with other young copperative campus entrepreneurs other EU countries

Tell us if you are interested here!

Criterias. You:

  • are between 18-29 years
  • are within och just leaving the educational path (academic or vocational)
  • want to develop ideas with others
  • wish to get a further insight in social economy and cooperation
  • are motivated by creating your own future

Diploma & Trip to Europe

After conducting this practical educational programme you will get a diploma with all that you have learned and achieved. A tip is also to fill in this experience in your CV and on LinkedIn

Some of the participants will get the chance of a transnational exchange with other young Cooperative Campus entrepreneurs.

Application & Selection

Participants will be selected amongst interested, in order to get a great group composition. 

Some selected information

Time: autumn 2020 – spring 2021

Several physical and digital meetings. 

Foundational theory of the social economy, cooperatives and sustainable business development. Focus of practical learning of leadership, teamwork and cohesion, idea and business development and practical implementation in the market. 

Building mind set and skills of a cooperaitve entrepreneur through real life experience of creating and launching a business idea! 

Also, study visit to, and networking with, existing cooperatives. 

Free of charge!

The seven cooperative principles

Open and Voluntary Membership
Democratic Member Control
Members’ Economic Participation
Autonomy and Independence
Education, Training, and Information
Cooperation Among Cooperatives
Concern for Community

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