Why Cooperative Campus?

Nowadays, young people’s (from 15 to 24 years old) unemployment rate in EU (15,2%) is more than double the total unemployment rate. Some examples are Spain (34% youth unemployment vs 15% global); Sweden (17% vs 6,3%), Finland (17% vs 7%) or Slovenia (8,8% vs 5,1%).

On one hand, policy makers refer the potential of entrepreneurship as a possible way to increase the labour participation of youth. On the other hand, according to the OECD8, young 20-30 year-olds are far more interested in self-employment than older age groups and they see entrepreneurship as a potential career.

Apart from that, cooperatives are particularly recognised as a powerful driver for empowering young people to experiment and innovate with new models to address different challenges facing today’s generation.

In the light of the above, we have launched the COOPERATIVE CAMPUS Project. Welcome to join us!


Cooperative campus provides young people a real cooperative entrepreneurship experience to strength their entrepreneurial mind-set and skills.

The project specifically works on:

  • Capacity building and skill development engaging young people in cooperative activities.
  • Improve the image of cooperative entrepreneurship
  • Increase the attractiveness of setting up a cooperative.
  • Strengthen cooperative local ecosystems.
  • Raise the knowledge about cooperative business model to tackle European youth unemployment.

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Cooperative Campus is presented by...

Spain (Navarra) ANEL, project leader

Finland (Lapland) University of Applied Science UAS Lapin Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

Slovenia (Goriška region) Municipality Mestna Obcina Nova Gorica and Primorski tehnološki park

Sweden (Örebro Län) Coompanion Örebro

Who Cooperative Campus is Aimed at

Direct Beneficiaries

Young people between 18 and 29 years old whithin or just leaving the educational path, who are willing to have a real cooperative entrepreneurship experience. 

  • They will participate in an training programme on cooperative entrepreneurship, to develop their entrepreneurial mind-set and skills that contribute to their employability in the future. 
  • They will be assisted to develop the business ideas they want to work on.
  • They will get the chance to test their business ideas in the real market under a legal framework, but without having created their own company yet (with the support of the project).
  • They will work on a common and shared storytelling about cooperative entrepreneurship based on their experience.
  • Some of them will have the chance to share, at the end of the Project, a transnational exchange with young people of other EU countries.

Network of Collaborators

Training centres and youth organisations to generate an ecosystem and favour cooperative entrepreneurship among young people.

Indirect Beneficiaries

Also Cooperative Campus aims to reach young people, in general, to inspire them by the participants storytelling and testimonials, and will allow them to improve their knowledge of the cooperative values and model and increase its attractiveness as a future career choice.

The seven cooperative principles

Open and Voluntary Membership
Democratic Member Control
Members’ Economic Participation
Autonomy and Independence
Education, Training, and Information
Cooperation Among Cooperatives
Concern for Community

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