Thank you all, from Sweden!

In the end, there were seven participants that completed the whole Cooperative Campus program in Sweden. A small, but strong group of young entrepreneurial adults that gained both knowledge and practical experience of cooperation, social economy, entrepreneurship and much more.

I gained a lot of inspiration and knowledge of what help one can get when having a business!

Linnea Peltola, Swedish participant of Cooperative Campus 2021

Summarizing the project in video (Swedish)

If you wish to see the Swedish film see below:

The programme

Thanks to the collaborators, the word spread and more than 30 people applied to partake in Cooperative Campus. A cooperative program that started on site, but quickly, due to covid restrictions, turned in to an all digital programme – nothing hindering and opening for possibilities. With no traveling distances, we could go on digital study visits from our homes, to cooperatives and experts in several places around the nation.

Throughout the whole programme, the participants used business modelling to create and test ideas, both alone and in groups, both with new ideas and plotting out and problematizing existing cooperative businesses.

One of the tools I’ll be taking with me, is the model Business model canvas to develop and spot possibilities with business ideas

Linn Nielsen, Swedish participant of Cooperative Campus 2021

The objective

Cooperative enterprises are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. The cooperative ideas and values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others lands well within our young adults and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The project Cooperative Campus aimed at providing young people a real cooperative experience to strengthen a cooperative entrepreneurial mind-set and skills.

In the very beginning, and at the end, of the programme, a survey was conducted. There we can read that the subjective knowledge is raised, and rather a lot, in some areas – for example the basic knowledge of what cooperatives are, social economy and business modelling.

Inspiring and a strong community

Many digital study visits and guest lecturers and experts with specific knowledge and good pedagogics helped create a both inspiring, knowledge-intense and creative atmosphere. The participants were involved in both the pros and cons in cooperative business managing, and were invited to help working with the business model and/or problematizing with the cooperative representative.

It has been incredibly inspiring to get the chance os taking part of all participants and guest lecturers and hear about their journeys and thoughts

Caroline Tonojan, Swedish participant of Cooperative Campus 2021

Although being totally digital, a strong connection and team was created during the programme. People that had actually never met, became both colleagues and friends during the year spent together.

It has been a strong community amongst the participants in the programme

Mamz Shuker, Swedish participant of Cooperative Campus 2021

In Sweden, the concept of cooperation and cooperative business models are not widely known. The Cooperative Campus programme paved way for a fresh and new view of cooperation. We wish all the best to our first class of Cooperative campus participants that step out into the world with a little stronger cooperative network and knowledge and perhaps inspiration to cooperative entrepreneurship. Hope to see you soon!

All participants with Cooperative Campus diplomas
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