”My perspective of cooperatives has changed”

Learn about what Cooperative campus was like in the Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS). And learn about some of the participants thought of the process and cooperative studies. See the film above, and also hear some voices from the studies and texted below.

My perception of cooperatives during these cooperative studies has changed as I have found that cooperative are not only large companies but also operative on a small scale – collaborating within that company.

Alvar Immonen, Cooperative Campus participant

The university is located in Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi, in the northern part of Finland. Several lecturers was involved in the both theoretical and practical parts of the studies. The practical part resulted in actual trying out and sales Oona Turunen, participant of Cooperative campus, and also sewer of baby clothes. She states:

Perhaps what I learned most about these cooperative matters – since I was not familiar with the way cooperative work – or what their activities usually involve – so it was nice to learn more about it and get an overall idea of it

Oona Turunen, Cooperative Campus participant

The best part might have been just this, that participants of the studies got to try out, testing their ideas, in a cooperative setting during the studies. As project leader Marjo Jussila says:

I think the best part was that they got to build their own business and their own networks for the future.

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