Transnational meetings most interesting!

Part of the Cooperative Campus project and education is learning across country boarders, how cooperation works and what other young adult cooperative entrepreneurs know and how the attitudes are toward the cooperative way och elaborating business ideas. Due to Covid, the transnational plan had to change and the participants have met, and will meet, each other digitally.

Andrea Ancín, Spanish participant about transnational meetings.

”The most interesting activity was the international meeting, cause we could see how other countries were involved in this campus.”

Impressed of the participant ambition

Iñaki Ugalde, Cooperative Campus project manager, have been the link between the participants from Navarra region and Anel. He share a common interest in Cooperative entrepreneurship and at the same time belong to the same generation. He tells us about the project in Navarra, Spain:

”Here in Navarra, our team is currently composed by 14 participants who attend weekly to the different activities proposed. Mainly due to their commitment with Cooperative development, they business idea consists of the creation of a regional network of Cooperatives that thanks to a membership card, we offer discounts and other advantages to the Cooperatives in exchange for a small fee. Not only can they raise awareness about this management alternative but also help and promote the existing cooperatives!”

Iñaki Ugalde, Cooperative Campus project manager in Navarra, Spain

Iñaki continues to tell how he is impressed by the otherwise buse participants:

”Every time we meet, I feel absolutely impressed about their ambition, implication and coherence with their personal values. Even if they are very busy in their personal lives (sports, volunteering activities, studies, etc.), they still find some time to grow their cooperative entrepreneur mindset to build a better society”

The transnational meetings

So far, two transnational meetings have been conducted. First a get-together and get to know each other. The second meeting we met with digital strategic expert Björn Granath and Magnus Mikaelsson from Sweden. We talked about target group, message, the complex reality and strategies of how to get out there be heard in the continuous social media noise.

Participants worked with questions in groups. They also talked about their business ideas, and amongst some, the wish of more transnational meetings and exchange is obvious. Even, perhaps, some day with a common idea across borders.

Ainhoa Grande, participant in Cooperative Campus in Spain.

”I think that Cooperative Campus should interact more with people in other countries, and think about doing a joint business”

Transnational cooperation starts at the end?

It seems as if the transnational exchange, although a lot less than planned, is a motivator and intriguing to some participants. As Cooperative Campus is going to its end, will this be one of the conclusions of the project? The desire amongst young adult cooperative entrepreneurs, to further deepen the cross country exchange. And seeing to that this is made possible through opening some sort of communication channel for the participants in the future. Only future can tell…

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